BUDDHA SAID:- 4 types of people in the world:
Tathagata Buddha said that I see 4 types of people in this world

(1) From dark to dark: *

A person who has a dark car in his life. That is, there is poverty, there is trouble, there is distraction. Yet he arouses anger, arouses hostility. And justifies his misery to others, and the mind abuses others. Performs dope to forget sorrow.

Such a person is unhappy today, but is also sowing the seeds of sorrow for the future.

That is, moving from dark to dark.

 * (2) from darkness to light: *
There is darkness in such a person’s life, but Pragya is awake inside. He thinks that whatever is happening to me, it is happening due to some previous misdeeds, what other person should I blame? These have become poor mediums.
So improves his present karma, arouses friendship, compassion, and goodwill towards Oro.

No anger towards anyone, no animosity.

So his life light is light for the future.

  • (3) From light to dark: *

Such a person is in the light,
That is money, prestige,
But there is arrogance, hate most.
Look how intelligent I am, so hardworking, believes so.

So sowing the seeds of sorrow.

It will be dark in the future.

 * (4) from light to light: *

Such a person is in the light,

But there is also Pragya. He would think that whatever he received was due to some previous virtue. Not gonna live forever

So he serves people, shares them gladly according to his ability. Mars wishes for Oro.

So the life light that comes next will be light.

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