Gautama Buddha’s teachings are called ‘Deshna’

What is Deshna? Gautama Buddha’s teachings are called ‘Deshna’ meaning amazing ……
Lord Buddha used to travel in the Jetavan of Shravasti. In his descent, there was a continuous invitation for meditation. Deshna means to say, explain, persuade but not to give orders.
Deshna means to explain, motivate for vigilance but not to control, not to pressure.
Deshna means under the influence of your words, in the fragrance of your modesty, someone walks in your visible light. If you walk, it is okay, if you agree, but do not give any kind of greed, do not tell the fear of any kind of punishment. Because those who walk on such a path due to greed for money, virtue, heaven etc., they will not walk. And those who walk due to fear of punishment for misery, sin, disease, hell etc. will also not walk. So Buddha neither gives fear nor intimidates. Nor greed of any kind.
Deshna means just to request, to tell the natural truth by insisting that it is so. It just happens. To say in a scientific way. Just like the scientist says that if the fire burns, he does not say do not touch the fire. He says your wish. Touch if you want to touch But the fire burns. He does not even say that if you do not touch the fire, there will be great merit. This much says that if you do not touch, then you will be saved from burning, and if you touch, you will burn. If you want to burn, do not touch and if you do not walk, do not touch.
But when the scientist says that the fire burns, then he is only giving information about the fact. He only says that the property of fire is that it burns, if you want to do it. If you don’t want to, don’t. There is no order for you.
Deshna means preaching without order. Only the request of natural eternal truth and fact. If a man creates disorders of lust, anger, fascination, greed, hatred, craving, then these results will happen.
So Buddha used to experience the impermanence of life, to remove the disorders of the mind and desist continuously for meditation.
God bless you all… well

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