I am your friend, your welfare friend. I am neither your teacher nor you my disciple. And if I come again in the future, my name will be ‘Maitreya’ .. Then I will be as a perfect friend.

I do not have any guru, I have not met the gurus. I do not have any Acharya or Upadhyaya. I do not believe in any religion, I do not have reverence in any scripture because what I have found is from myself. It is not that I have not lived with the Gurus. Stayed, but I did not get anything there and when I got it, I was not with any guru. What I have found is something that now I can tell you that there is no need to take it to anyone else, get inside yourself and you will also get it. Not in the scriptures, the truth is in itself, not in words and principles, it is settled in your consciousness and you also know by awakening the mind. What is within you is hidden in your nature because what is to be found is lying within you, someone else is just giving something, the truth is never transferred, it is within. If the Guru does something, it is so much that he calls out to what is inside you. You can also call him yourself. You are your own lord, no one else. Therefore, Guru is not mandatory on the path of Buddha. If you cannot call yourself, you need a guru because the treasure is within you. You can also find yourself. The Guru will not give you money by digging the mine. It will only say that the way I have dug, searched and found myself inside, you should also search inside yourself. I am free from craving and I am freed from craving. I am indulgent and omnipotent. I am going to defeat all, Kama Krodhi Moh Hate Trishna Rupi All the enemies I had are gone, I know everything and I can see what is worth knowing. So when I woke up and found myself knowing, then whom should I call a guru and whom should I teach a disciple. I could not find anyone. I found within myself and those who come to me will also find within me. By meditating, purifying the mind from disorders, awakening the mind. Buddha men only indicate that you have to walk …… ..! After the attainment of enlightenment, when Lord Buddha left with him, coming from Uruvela to Kashi to preach to the Panchvargiya monks, a livelier was found on the way. He was surprised to see Tathagata. Bright face, light, clean eyes, pure senses, amazing aura. ..He said: Awus! Your senses are perfect and clean, for what purpose have you been initiated, who is your teacher, who is your teacher, what religion do you believe in? Then Lord Buddha said this saga ………. —————–

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