Lord Budha

Buddha says that if you want fame, then you want the fame of meditation, not wealth. If you want fame, then you want the fame of knowledge, not material things…
If you want fame, then you want the glory of Antarjyoti. Take any light outside and remain dark inside. No matter how bright you look outside, but your mind is dirty. No matter how much people praise you, if you do not fill yourself with joy, then you will not become famous. What is the value of that fame? There is only one fame, that is of meditation and knowledge.
         There are two types of fame. One that others give to you and the other that you produce within yourself. One is the fame of money, the fame of power, the spread of politics and the world. Do not pay much attention to this fame because death will take away all that. After that, people remember how many days. This life is a line drawn on water. Can’t even pull and disappears.
      There is more than one fame, it does not meet anyone else. This comes from the self-respect of knowledge and meditation. He gets knowledge from earning, he gets from being centered in himself. Gets from years of knowledge. He is the fame of meditation, the fame of knowledge
    Be Happy……. May everyone have peace.
         Presentation: Dr. ML Parihar

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